Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Life Goes On

I was thinking about this blog last night, realizing how long it's been since I last wrote consistently.

Now that we're done with intro, I find I have very little to say. We're still eating GAPS style. We cheat occasionally, with varying success. I would definitely say my kids seem stronger and happier since we started this.

Audrey's arms and legs are clear of eczema and beginning to feel soft again. She still reacts when she gets overloaded on salicylates or nightshades, but No-Fenol helps, and when she does have a reaction, a few sips of a teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of water makes the itching stop instantly. We've been able to eat SO many foods that we avoided for years!

Hannah has a spot on her cheek that flares up bright red when she gets something that doesn't agree with her - so far strawberries and currants are culprits. I also noticed behavior regression with the currants the other day - it was very pronounced. I've never really paid a lot of attention to that part of her symptoms. I wonder, is it an actual brain reaction, or just a response to not feeling good?

I have found that I can use egg whites (though not the yolks, oddly) in baking and all of us seem to handle that ok.

I have discontinued my anti fungal supplements until my nausea from the pregnancy subsides. Without those in the mix, my nausea levels are usually much lower than I remember from previous pregnancies.

It is difficult to cook and eat like this while newly pregnant. All the fat and the strong smells are hard for me. I am drawn toward fruit and nuts, but when I eat too many of those I pay for it with gas and candida symptoms. I've been pretty tired and weak some days too. So I'm struggling some, but overall feeling decent. 2nd Trimester (and hopefully more energy) is just a couple of weeks away!

Tessa amazes me with how sturdy and hardy she is. I've never seen her have a reaction to anything. She is 18 months next week and wearing size 24 months clothes and size 5 shoes. Her face is broad, her skin is clear, she says probably 30-40 words and understands everything I say to her, she is almost always happy and calm. My pregnancy with her happened after I went off gluten, and all of her solid foods have been WAPF/GAPS style. I wonder how much of it is genes, personality, or diet? My experience raising her has been night and day different from my first two children!

Nick had to go away over the weekend and was able to do very well finding grain free options in health foods stores, delis, etc. He came home feeling fine. I was so proud of him! He really seems to have very little draw to the old foods. He is so happy to be thin and to have lots of energy.

So there's our update! I pray healing and wisdom for all of you as you feed your families!

Friday, June 3, 2011


Hi all,
I keep meaning to write an update! The past two weeks have been spent coping with lots of morning sickness. I think it's about the same as with my other three pregnancies, but as always, it's challenging. I've been downing lots of ginger, using my Sea Bands, and trying to eat often. I'm not 100% sure of my dates on this pregnancy, but I'm counting down the days till week 12, when I felt much better with all three other kids.

As far as GAPS goes, we've done a little cheating in the past week, mainly to help me cope. For the first time since we started GAPS, I had a HUGE craving for chocolate this week. I bought one bar of dark chocolate (the Eat Freely brand, which has no soy, dairy, etc., but does contain organic cane juice) and allowed myself a square of that. Very satisfying! I also have found it difficult to constantly drink ginger tea to help with my nausea. I ended up buying a package of crystallized ginger to keep with me. It does have a little sugar in it as well, but it's sometimes either that or be non-functional with nausea. :-P

I have continued with my anti fungal supplements. I wonder if these might be making my nausea a touch worse than otherwise, but I would so much rather have my gut flora in good shape when this baby comes. So we press on!

Hannah and Audrey really hit it hard with the salicylates this week, and they both struggled a bit. Hannah has a bit of a rash on her left cheek, and Audrey did some scratching. They love to eat Bubbies dill pickles, and berries - two things they could not eat at all prior to GAPS. We just have to keep it at a reasonable level or they seem to get overloaded.

I'm rendering tallow today. Smelly! My pregnant nose does not appreciate it, but my body sure likes the fat when I cook with it. Nick helped me out by making the batch of jerky for the week. Although the smell of it in the dehydrator is tough too.

I've been thoroughly enjoying reading Mark's Daily Apple. I love his positive approach to eating this way, and for the first time really in my adult life, I've been happily exercising using his plan. Eating right for my metabolic type has been huge, and I actually feel good exercising for the first time that I ever remember. Tonight I was able to do one full set of his lowest level of "Lift Heavy Things" exercises. I look forward to strengthening my body and having more energy, especially once I hit second trimester.

Gotta run for now!